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VIVID PANEL: A Fresh Perspective: Tackling Issues with Creativity

Woven Threads was proud to present its panel at Vivid Sydney called "A Fresh Perspective - Tackling Issues with Creativity" which explored how creativity can be used to start conversations, challenge society’s perceptions and initiate change. 


Inspired by the Woven Threads series which explore themes of mental health and refugee journeys, it was an engaging and interactive session.


Press play to watch the event.

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Moderator, Craig Reucassel, Australian Writer and Comedian

Best known for his work with The Chaser and documentary, The War on Waste, Craig has also hosted climate change documentaries Fight for Planet A and Big Weather. In 2020, he directed the movie Big Deal, which looked into the issue of money in politics in Australia.


Craig will be instrumental in driving a powerful, yet inspiring conversation amongst our panellists on making an impact through creativity to drive change.


Frances Rings, Associate Artistic Director at Bangarra Dance Theatre

Frances Rings is a descendant of the Kokatha Tribe from the West Coast of South Australia. Her unique ability to story-tell through choreography and dance has been timeless through works such as Rations (Walkabout, 2002) and Terrain (2012) which have led to international acclaim and integration into the NSW Higher School Certificate Dance.

With a stellar career which has seen her win six Helpmann awards amongst many others, Frances will share how she uses her talent and skills to bring important stories to life, weaving in her indigenous cultural heritage and stories of Australia.

Professor Katherine Boydell, Professor of Mental Health at Black Dog Institute

As Professor of Mental Health for the Black Dog Institute,  Katherine Boydell’s work explores the lived experience of individuals with mental health issues, which has resulted in increased mental health literacy, decreased stigma and enhanced help seeking. Professor Boydell recently conducted a survey of audience response to Woven Threads which resulted in 82% strongly agreeing that the series helped them better understand themselves or someone else better.

Keenan Mundine, Co-Founder and Ambassador for Deadly Connections

A proud First Nations man, Keenan was raised on Gadigal land, growing up in Redfern, notoriously known as “The Block” and had a rough start to his childhood after losing both parents at a young age and being placed in care, separated from his siblings.


Keenan made some poor decisions in his adolescence which resulted in his lengthy involvement with the justice system. He has since found his passion in giving back and working with people who have had similar experiences to him, with a strong commitment to create a community-led solution to the current mass incarceration and child protection crisis of First Nations people.

Michi Marosszeky, Creator and Director of Woven Threads

Cinematographer turned director, Michi Marosszeky always has her lens focused firmly on the positive. Whether it be her own story confronting cancer or some burning social issue, Michi unflinchingly cuts to the core and always finds hope, gratitude and laughter. 



Her powerful animated series, Woven Threads has received much worldwide acclaim and was a finalist in the AACTA awards.

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