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Our work has proven to have a tangible positive impact on our audiences. 





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Our goal is to remind us of our shared humanity.

Woven Threads and Black Dog Institute have conducted research using the films in series one and two of the Woven Threads catalogue. Series one shared moments of hope in a refugee's journey, whilst the focus of Series two is on people living with mental health challenges. This research was designed to understand the responses to viewing for people who watched these animations. This research was reviewed and approved by The University of New South Wales Human Research Ethics Committee (HC210526).

The research has been published and is available here.

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Katherine Boydell

Professor Katherine Boydell is the Head of the AKT (arts-based knowledge translation) Lab at the Black Dog Institute and Director of Knowledge Translation, Sydney Partnership for Health Education Research and Enterprise. Her work uses arts-based strategies which result in increased mental health literacy, decreased stigma and enhanced help seeking.

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