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Olive is sixteen, she lives with Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD), Major Depressive Disorder, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Anxiety.


At the age of nine, Olive began to have negative thoughts but she managed to hide them from everyone until she was eleven and a half, the first year of high school. After much school refusal, multiple psychologists, and several schools Olive had to be admitted to a youth mental health unit for six weeks.


Watch her as she tells her story, her challenges and how she grows from her experiences, not always smoothly but always forwards.


Since making this film, Olive has had several difficult periods but she is still growing in her self-knowledge and learning new techniques for coping with her extremely challenging life.

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Pete grew up on a farm, north western new south wales. His father was a farmer and all he ever wanted to do was follow his dad around and be a farmer too.


After school Pete went to another farm and learnt about sheep, he bought this knowledge back to his dad and they started to raise sheep as well. Pete’s dad got sick while he was still young, and this bought him home to the family farm sooner than expected. He had learnt a lot about managing the property from his dad and other farmers, but he hadn’t learnt about the stress that came with the longest drought in history.


Pete struggled to sleep, he was short with his wife and couldn’t make decision. The mountain started to get too high, he didn’t know if he would ever get over it. Pete realised that there was help and that Dr’s don’t only fix broken arms, he realised you need to talk about things.



Jett is nineteen, he suffered from extreme bullying, which led to severe anxiety, depression and resulted in Anorexia Nervosa. 

When Jett was in primary school the bullying started because of the friends he had, mostly girls and his interest in performance and dance. The bullying continued as he moved onto high school.


When he was 13 something felt wrong to Jett about the bullying, he new they were only words and they shouldn't hurt but they did. Her realised he was gay and he was being bullied for who he was. 


Jett shares his story with us, as he navigates depression and anxiety that lead him to anorexia nervosa and finally working towards his goals to be a director in the film industry.



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