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          CLIENT: AIA Vitality Insurance


AIA Vitality Insurance contacted us to help them expand their insurance offering into the Mental Health sector. We needed to create an animation that educate AIA's customers on mental health and encourage them to take steps earlier to help them.

Our animation also needed to work as en effective device for AIA Australia to use internally for recruitment, training and mental health awareness among their teams.


We decided that focusing on the recent drought in NSW was a great way to bring a Regional focus to their mental health drive. With men’s Mental Health not having a large prominence in society at that time it was agreed we would work with “Pete” from Manilla NSW and concentrate on his Mental Health journey.

Using the unique Woven Threads methodology “Pete” shared his incredible story of anxiety and depression on the land to great effect.



The animation was a complete success for all, including “Pete the Farmer”, who was thrilled at the prospect of helping others through his relatable story. AIA used the film both internally and publicly as part of their social responsibility platform to achieve its original aims.

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Toronto International Animation Festival - 2021.png
SEMI FINALIST - Flickers Rhode Island International Film Festival - 2021.png

          CLIENT: NSW Government


The NSW Government, through the Minister for Mental Health, Bronnie Taylor MP approached Woven Threads to work with them in creating an animation that helped people in the community  share their mental health journey in the hope of helping others, a common goal of government. 




With Bronnie Taylor MP also being a Minister for Youth, we were also able to focus on younger talent and audience and we met “Jett” a 20-year-old dancer, from the LGBTI community who suffered an eating disorder as a result of bullying and also depression and anxiety.  

With our unique storytelling and proven animation techniques, we were able to tell “Jett’s” story in an inspiring and meaningful way to a younger audience and became a centrepiece episode of the “Stories from Within” series.



The success of the “Jett” episode can be measured in the following stats:


• Primary/Secondary/Tertiary Education - reached in excess of two million students and counting.

• 18-35 Market through Pedestrian TV, which reaches more than 4 million Australians each month.

• SBS On Demand achieves 6 million views weekly across the 18-35 age groups and older.



Woven Threads can help deliver your socially responsible message.

Contact us for more information.

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