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We provide resources and teaching toolkits for tertiary, secondary and primary schools contributing to social and behavioural change through education.


Woven Threads uses an evidence based approach to tell emotive stories compelling us to remember our shared humanity, and to identify with the universality of the others life experiences.


The Woven Threads Teaching Toolkit aims to support teachers in exploring key themes from each of our series. The resources also aims to build students’ understanding of, and empathy with the out side world. It contains curriculum-mapped learning tasks for Year 5-10 students, drawing on content from a wide range of learning areas, capabilities, and cross-curricular priorities. Tasks were designed with an inquiry approach, aiming to foster communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking in the classroom. Teachers are encouraged to use the resource flexibly. The learning tasks can be undertaken in isolation or in any sequence, and can be adapted to suit the needs of your students or curriculum.

Woven Threads series are highly relevant for tertiary students in developing empathy and understanding. Through witnessing these diverse stories, students will develop a broader worldview, enriching studies in areas such as Law, Medicine, Social Science and all humanities courses.


refugees - stories from afar

Woven Threads – Stories from Afar is a collection of animated short films which present varied and moving stories of refugees. The animations are designed to elicit empathy and understanding so that for a few minutes it is the human and not the refugee experience that is central. By finding this common ground, if only for a few minutes, the debates, disputes and fears surrounding migrants, refugees and asylum seekers might be suspended and replaced by empathy.


mental health - stories from within

‘Woven Threads’ is an 8 x 4-minute series which, through beautiful and powerful animations, presents varied and moving stories of people living with mental health challenges. The colourful and intricate tapestry of ‘Woven Threads’ reminds us that regardless of creed or colour we all belong to the same human family ‘Woven Threads’ is dedicated to telling stories through which our shared humanity compels us to recognise and, perhaps, identify with the challenges faced by someone living with mental ill health.

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