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Woven Threads Travels to Manilla, NSW

We had a great start to 2020 and travelled to Manilla in NSW where we filmed Peter Capel for series two of Woven Threads - Stories from Within. It was quite surreal driving to Manilla with the barren fields, dust and smoke from the fires all around.

As you all know farmers have been doing it extremely tough with the droughts across the county. Peter was telling us that he has been hand feeding his livestock since 2017. For those of you living in the city that basically means you can't leave your property, your livestock are completely dependant on you for survival. A burst water pipe or broken trough could be fatal, so you have to constantly check every aspect of the farm.

Peter was so generous in sharing his story and we look forward to showing it later this year. It was also fantastic to see that they finally got rain, decent rain four days after we filmed this story.

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