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The pipeline of a career comedian: Craig Reucassel

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Shifting from comedian to climate activist is quite a transition, but one that Craig Reucassel executed with tremendous success. He became a household name while performing with the satirical comedy group, The Chaser. The team through their tongue-in-cheek motto of “Striving for Mediocrity in a World of Excellence” highlighted hypocrisies in politics and inconsistencies in the Australian news landscape. Craig’s future was destined to be bright; the founding members of the group remember that Craig was always on the front foot and daring to overstep the mark. They, now regard him as “the one successful one”.

As you may already know, we are thrilled to be hosting a most talented panel at VIVID this year, discussing the value of the Arts—“A Fresh Perspective: Tackling Issues with Creativity”. We are even more thrilled and extremely delighted that Craig will be moderating the event (see here for more information). His extensive and successful documentary work on climate-justice and his understanding of the comedic, will definitely make him a great catalyst for our already exciting panel.

Fight For Planet A: Our Climate Challenge’ and The War on Waste are two of his acclaimed documentaries about our planet’s well-being. In these series Craig travels Australia and the world, speaking to the loudest and, at times, the quietest voices about a carbon-neutral future. Concerns that usually fall on deaf ears in our Australian parliament. Protesters are recorded saying, “we should have a political party that’s ready to bite the bullet and say that ‘this is really very serious’”. (The results of the very recent 2022 election, now, gives us some insight into just how wide-spread these concerns were, and maybe a political shift was closer than we thought.) Throughout the series, Craig’s passion for our planet is evident as he calmly discusses politically charged topics with a variety of Australians and plucks at our heartstrings as we watch the next generation at a School-strike for Climate Change. It’s simple: it’s the children who will face the brunt of climate negligence, not white-collar politicians. The series is powerful and informative.

Craig is more than just a television personality; he cares deeply about the issues he raises and uses his platform to initiate social change. Real solutions are offered for problems like reducing your carbon footprint, waste management and effective water consumption. Ultimately, even these few helpful tips and tricks encourage his many viewers to believe in the possibility a more sustainable future. Craig has successfully harnessed creativity and film to tackle the gargantuan problem of Climate Change and excessive waste with hope and a myriad of plans.

We can’t wait to hear his two cents this year at VIVID.

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