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SBS on Demand: Woven Threads Stories From Within

Upcoming animated shorts explore stories of teen depression, domestic violence, eating disorders and men’s anxiety.

Published by David Knox on November 4, 2021

Upcoming animated shorts Woven Threads: Stories From Within, which explore stories of teen depression, domestic violence, eating disorders and men’s anxiety, will screen at SBS on Demand.

The 8 x 5 minute series by Woven Threads Productions created and directed by Michi Marosszeky and produced by Paul Sullivan is backed by the Black Dog Institute.

Michi Marosszeky said: “We created Woven Threads to inspire positive change in the world and spark conversation about issues that are often difficult to talk about, but affect many of us. Woven Threads is a new way of sharing real stories, which are raw and honest, yet with the vision of hope. We believe this will connect more deeply with audiences to ignite real understanding and ultimately, change.”

The 8 x 5 minute series narrates human experience through powerful animation to encourage empathy without judgement from its audience. As part of the series, Australian media personality, Osher Günsberg narrates his raw and emotional journey managing OCD, anxiety and PTSD throughout his high-profile career.

Osher Günsberg said: “It’s sometimes difficult to communicate challenging moments in our lives, particularly when it comes to talking about mental health. The brilliant way that Woven Threads uses narrated animation to tell a story not only makes talking about mental health less daunting, but also provides a sense of warmth and openness which I hope everyone can resonate with.”

As part of the series, Woven Threads also explores the story of Rachael Natoli who recounts her journey through an 8-year long abusive relationship. The narrative shares her most personal experiences, which consequently led her to start domestic and family abuse not-for-profit, the Lokahi Foundation – her light at the end of a dark tunnel.

As well as Woven Threads: Stories From Within, Woven Threads Productions has created the highly acclaimed Woven Threads: Stories from Afar, which shares the heartfelt stories of refugees in Australia. Each series aims to stimulate empathy and understanding in others and turn glaring social issues into a pathway of support, action and hope.

Currently in production with Lifeline and NITV, Woven Threads is working on an Indigenous series with Yorta Yorta/Wurundjeri (Woiwurrung) theatre and film practitioner, Tony Briggs and the co-founders of Deadly Connections, Keenan Mundine and Carly Stanley. Donations towards the production of this Indigenous series can be made through Documentary Australia Foundation.

Woven Threads: Stories From Within has received principal production funding from Screen Australia.

Tuesday, 16 November at SBS on Demand.

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