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Powerhouse Museum

Woven Threads: Stories from Afar has been selected to screen permanently at the Powerhouse Museum as part of a contemporary history exhibition, and it will feature in the Kings Cinema.

Sharing this information with the greater public is something that we are very excited about. In our recent meeting with Alex Greenwich, the Independent Member for Sydney, we discussed our good news and the details of our Woven Threads launch on February 24th. Alex was very pleased to see that the contemporary work we’ve created will be seen by thousands of people, including many school students, who visit the museum annually. It’s another continued success for the Refugee series which follows the recent AACTA Nomination we received for Short Documentary Series.

The Kings Cinema is an art deco cinema in the style of the 1930s. The famous Kings cinema chain built many art deco cinemas in Sydney’s suburbs in the 1930s and sadly, this exhibition is only possible because so many of these old buildings have been demolished. The foyer of the Kings Cinema includes interior fittings from the Queen Victoria Building.

Lily Katakouzinos Head of Programs at the Museum has been instrumental in making this happen. We have been in touch with Lily over the last couple of years, since we first started working on the Refugee series Woven Threads: Stories From Afar. It was always our intention to have the films screen there, and now it’s happening we couldn’t be prouder. Make sure you head down to see them!

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