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Mental Health series Update - July 2020

We are so pleased to be in production again and well on the way with Episode Two of our Mental Health Series sponsored by AIA Australia limited.

When Paul Sullivan (our producer) attended the AIA Vitality Summit he spoke to Damien Mu (CEO AIA ANZ) about the Mental Health Series and Damien immediately responded by agreeing for AIA to collaborate as a partner. Together they realised that male depression was an important topic for discussion, with Paul living

regionally the harsh drought was something they immediately connected with.

There has been a lot of awareness around the drought, but we haven't heard a lot from the people living it. After speaking to Kevin Anderson MP, we were introduced to Pete the farmer from Manilla NSW, who had the courage to share his personal experience in the hope of helping others.

With mental health effecting one in seven Australian's before COVID19, the bushfires and the droughts it is more important than ever to share these stories.

Here at Woven Thereads, we are delighted also to have partnership support from the NSW Government’s Bronnie Taylor (Minister for Mental Health), Screen Australia and Black Dog Institute.

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