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Kevin Anderson

Working regionally is very important to us at Woven Threads, especially since Paul and Michi both reside outside of the greater metropolitan areas. Even though the Woven Threads office is in Sydney, Paul resides in Garoo NSW, near Tamworth, and Michi is from Mandalong in the Lake Maquarie area. It was through regional connections that Paul was able to make contact and meet with the Hon. Kevin Anderson MP and discuss the new Woven Threads series on Mental Health.

Woven Threads stories reinforce and remind us of the common threads that bind us into a community: our need for conversation, socialisation and shared experiences, particularly in the context of drought. There are many people suffering not only in silence because of the stigma associated with Mental Health, but also simply because they are alone through the isolation of working remotely.

Paul and Minister Anderson discussed just how such a story of someone regionally dealing with the drought who has suffered with Mental Ill Health could bring light to people who may be going through the same affliction. The Minister was quick to note that he had experience with a few people that he knew personally who may be able to assist us with telling such a story.

The whole team at Woven Threads is incredibly grateful to the Minister for the contacts he has given us, and we look forward to sharing the news of the next story very soon.

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