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Filmotion (Motion Graphics Artists)


                               Fred EL Harris is an award winning animator, filmmaker, producer, landscape painter and                                            photographer. In the mid 90's he established a film studio where he produced high quality                                          corporate, commercial, documentary series and stereoscopic films. Fred has been involved as                                    co-producer on the Netflix and National Geographic series "Tales by Light". Each episode follows                                renowned photographers as they travel the world to capture one-of-a-kind images.

                               Fred has taught editing and filmmaking at countless community workshops, TAFE NSW, metro                                    screen, and Arts centres. In 1995 he was awarded "Most Outstanding Citizen of the Year" by                                        Bankstown City Council for his achievements and contributions.



                              Flynn Wheeler is a Melbourne based screen composer. His extensive portfolio ranges from                                         fashion to community awareness film; from television commercials to art installations; from short                                   film to international feature.


                              In 2011 Wheeler undertook a Graduate Diploma in Screen Music at the Australian Film Television                                 and Radio School where, upon graduation, he received the prestigious Kenneth BMYER Award                                   for Exceptional Talent.


                              Since completion of his studies, Wheeler has worked tirelessly, proving to be a talented and                                         prolific screen composer. His growing list of credits include the feature film 'Galore', as well as                                     short film 'Small Mercies' (a part of the feature film 'The Turning'), both of which premiered                                           internationally at the 2014 Berlin International Film Festival.

Lyle Carroll (Motion Graphics Artist)


Lyle Carroll is a digital graphics artist who has worked at several high profile animation studios in Sydney over his 12 year career. Specialising in 3D lighting with a mood driven aesthetic Lyle wrote and directed his first live action short film Kevin’s Book, which screened locally and internationally in 2013-2014. Since then Lyle has developed an independent visual effects & animation studio, Light Matters Creative which services a range of clients from around the globe.  


Michi Marosszeky is a cinematographer turned director who’s passion is finding the positive in the negative. Michi has shot and directed multiple projects including her own documentary Third Time Lucky about her survival, and life with cancer, which has screened locally, and internationally. She created, directed and designed the first series of Woven Threads.


Paul Sullivan of Benchmark Films worked on such films as The Matrix Trilogy, Moulin Rouge, and MI2 before he became the producer of the acclaimed, and award winning international series My Family Feast. He also produced the feature film Cactus, and the compelling documentary Third Time Lucky, and the award winning TV series One The Grill and Sean’s Kitchen. He was selected as an emerging Producer in Rotterdam in 2010, and in 2013 was part of an official delegation to China on behalf of Screen Australia. Woven Threads combines his passion for story telling with his desire for what is right.

Paul Sullivan

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