The Day I Got My Dad Back - Hisham

We are all aware of the devastating losses and suffering that so many Syrians are experiencing right now. Hisham’s story is but one among many.


Hisham is 19, he comes from a family of seven and has been living in Australia for the past two years. His home was in the Syrian city of Hom’s. Sadly, it became too unsafe to continue to live there under the rule of Bashar al-Assad’s and the armed.


Hisham’s father didn’t support the Assad regime and peacefully protested every day and was shot by a sniper. He is lucky to be alive. Many of his relatives have been shot dead.

When Hisham was 13, his father disappeared and he thought his childhood had ended. He was the oldest of his siblings and a male so his mother would need help. This the story of what HIsham realised the day his father returned.