How Football Saved my Life - Abraham

When Abraham was 11 years old and lived in South Sudan, the country was in conflict and children were taken from villages to fight. One day Abraham heard gun fire and screaming from the village, he was in the field at the time with the cattle and he and the other boys all started running, that was the last time he saw his family for 30 years. This is how Abraham became part of the lost boys.

He walked for months with a group of mostly children into Ethiopia where they built a camp and lived for 4 years, then they were pushed out by war again. They spent the next year walking from Ethiopia back to Sth Sudan and then into Africa. Where ever they went the boys played football, luckily for Abraham he was very good at it and that's how football became Abrahms way of feeling safe, part of a community and as though he had a home.

This is his story.