The Unexpected Christmas - Marti

On a cold winter's night in November 1956, nine-year old Marti's parents woke her and her brother and told them to put on several layers of clothing.  Carrying only a briefcase, the family scrambled onto the back of a truck, and the children were instructed to say, if asked, that they were on their way to a wedding, somewhere in the countryside. They travelled all day on the truck, and fortunately when they were stopped along the way, the soldiers were friendly and let them pass.


That evening when they arrived at a farmhouse they were given a bowl of soup. The children were then told to lie on the ground and sleep.  Once again, they were woken in the middle of the night and told that for the next few hours they will have to be very quiet as they walked to the Austrian border, across kilometres of ploughed potato fields.


This is Marti's story of a most unexpected Christmas Eve in Vienna.