I am a great fan of My Family Feast, and a great supporter of the need to keep working against the dehumanisation of the refugee problem.I personally endorse your project Woven Threads, and The Sky Foundation is happy to contribute.

Joe Skrzynski - The Sky Foundation 


We are pleased to support the Woven Threads project. Our community needs a more compassionate understanding of what is happening in the lives of refugees.

Colin and Angie Carter


Amnesty International Australia is happy to contribute and endorse Woven Threads and the team behind the project. It is a very worthy project and a great concept, and we are happy to see this project going to the youth via Harmony Day in schools around Australia. Keep up the good work.Amnesty International AustraliaWoven Threads looks like a very innovative way to get and hold the attention of its target audiences, and I commend you for taking that approach. 

Woven Threads is still looking for funding for the next series on mental health issues. 


Documentary Australia Foundation has accepted our application, which gives the project DGA status. So any funds that a person or organisation commit to the project are completely tax deductable.


Please follow this link for a complete project breakdown




For any extra information contact


Paul Sullivan