Olive - Teen Depression

This story is about Olive and how she learnt tools and strategies to manage her anxiety, depression and PSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).


At the age of nine Olive began to have negative thoughts, she hid them from everyone until it she was eleven and half and in her first year of high school. After a long period of school refusal, many psychologists and several schools Olive ended up in hospital for six weeks. This is the story of how she moved forward and what she learnt from that experience and the years that followed.


After making this film Olive had several difficult situations arise one after the other that eventuated in another hospital stay this time much harder and for four months. Olive learnt a lot about herself and I think Olive would say that she is more aware than ever that the thoughts will probably never leave her but she has found ways of managing them. She has realised that the negative thoughts don't have to stop her from engaging the happy things that are happening around her.

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